What if you knew the current enforced pause - that most of us are under as Health care systems struggle to cope with the latest trade induced disease (like The Plague, Swine Flu etc)- was actually here to help us to take the time to rest & reevaluate
What is important in your life?
HEALTH; Family; Community; Living our desired life
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and What is not working?
like an economy based on taking: the Health of all via pollution; the money from customers; Time & resources from poorer people to benefit a few.

So we can emerge stronger to create a just, peaceful society that works for the mutual benefit of all.

By the law of physics What you choose now Makes a Difference to the future you experience.
E = MC2
Energy = Matter * Speed of light * Speed of light
What you give your Energy (including your thoughts such as "I Hate this ...") to grows.
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What you choose now Makes a Difference to the future you experience.

Making Business Benefit You

Requires you to know your self and the value you share with others by solving their problems
and to make the right decisions which is easier when you are not being harmed by
  • Stress
  • Electro-magnetic radiation from your computer, phone or near by transmitters
  • having extreme blood sugar levels due to junk food & too much caffeine
  • Being dehydrated
  • Believing you are not good enough  
  • So go outside & Breathe Deeply or use other tools to raise your vibration above that of the problem

Why GDP is False Accounting.

GDP is the Gross Domestic Product of a country and is calculated by adding together the nominal value all economic activity (including inflation from property speculation & money spend on repairing the damage caused by polluters) of a country and hopping it will measure economic wellbeing so investors/ governments can compare their performance with other countries & over time.

Not all economic activity is beneficial so should be subtracted from the totals.

  • The cost of collecting & processing all waste produced by the production & distribution systems

  • The cost of health care to restore everyone back to the health they had before the economic activity

  • The cost of dealing with pollution such as oil spills, mining disasters or contamination of land/water

  • The cost of "Grounds Maintenance" to suppress the Naturally Healthy Environment

  • The cost of dealing with “natural disasters” like flooding resulting from man’s activities such as deforestation, urbanization or negligence

  • The cost of dealing with high crime rates

  • The cost of compensating all that are harmed by any of the above

GDP gets inflated

  • when businesses extract more profit by raising their prices above costs eg drug & utilities

  • when a few benefit from speculating in the land, property, commodity, stock or finance markets at the expense of the majority

  • and when governments increase inflation by issuing more money (that they borrow from private companies called banks) to stimulate demand.

GDP does not include the value of voluntary work (including women’s domestic work) nor the value of those produce their own food. The value of economic activity is determined by those who control the markets and undervalues the work of those who are not empowered to choose the type or location of their work.

GDP does not measure productivity, income, wealth, health, wellbeing or life expectancy of people nor the sustainability, inequality & injustice of society so measures nothing of importance so should be scraped and governments made to use True Cost / Benefit Analysis as a tool to improve their activities.

The Economy that Politicians talk about - the Political-Economy where people work hard to get money & hope it will be enough to fund a decent lifestyle into retirement -is not the economy successful people use.

Successful people choose to focus on their own economy (what they can control with their actions) to make money fund their desired lifestyle